Fredericton Gaming Expo is back with a new name, Revolution Gaming Expo. We want to be able to bring the joy of a competitive gaming event to other areas of Canada. RGX (formerly FGX) is the biggest competitive gaming event in Atlantic Canada. With tons of competitive tournaments, amazing casual game stations, table top and card games, this event is for every gamer.

Tournament Games!

Event Information


This year's event is being hosted at the Fredericton Convention Centre, 670 Queen Street, Fredericton, NB.


October 22nd/23rd 2016 (Equipment set-up on the 21st after 4PM.)


Right across the street from the venue is The Crowne Plaza with discounted rate of 129$. Please call (506) 455-3371 and reference Gaming Expo.

Sign up

Registration is now open! Please click HERE to Sign up!


How to Sign up

Registration is now open!

Thanks for your patience. Great art takes time! We’re geared up and ready to handle the ensuing masses! Make sure you follow the steps carefully so you are guaranteed to have fun RGX time!

Step 1 - Register

Create a free account with by clicking the link HERE. This is a great service that allows us to keep all of our tournament registrations in one place. You can also download the handy mobile app to follow the competitions during the event, keep track of standings, and even watch live streams! We told you it was going to be awesome!

Step 2 - Pay

Confirm your spot by purchasing your ticket or tickets HERE. We’re sorry for the extra step, but believe us it’s cheaper this way! We use which is our way of keeping things streamlined and affordable! There’s also great add-ons like gamer tags, t-shirts, water bottles, and gamepads!

Early Bird Promotions!

Pay Registration by September 26 to take advantage of these awesome promotions! Save $5 on specific types of Regular Ticket Prices; Free RGX Jogger Sport Bottle; Free Custom Gamer Tag or Name on Lanyard (first 200 people only); Discounted Promo Items: Event T-shirt for $10; Brushed Metal Lanyard + T-Shirt for $23

Why are the ticket prices more expensive than the Fredericton Gaming Expo (FGX) last year?

Great question! Glad you asked. We’ve moved to one of the best venues in Fredericton. It’s in the heart of downtown, has tons of power and internet bandwidth, and will allow the event to become the best it’s ever been. However, this changed our price model because a lot of our expenses are up-front. Now that we’re a bigger event and we accommodate BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) our power bill has also gone up. Let me tell you! As most of you know, the great thing about BYOC is it allows you to have your own station the whole weekend. So you can play as much as you want between official matches! Also, since this is our first year with the new model we had to base prices on conservative numbers. If all goes well, we may be able to lower our prices next year. But until then we really appreciate your support! Please e-mail if you want to chat more. Thanks for your understanding and your continued awesomeness!

Questions or Concerns

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have